The following web resources have been selected as relevant and factual sources of information


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Information Literacy - provides information on search tehniques and web navigation


NASA - official site

Scirus - search engine for journal articles and science news and information

BioCrawler - lifescience search engine

Virtual Cell - information about the cell

Cold Spring Harbor Lab - DNA learning center

General Chemistry Online

Physics Central - The American Physical Society

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

Greenpeace - environmental protection

National Library of Medicine

National Wildlife Federation

ANS - American Nuclear Society

American Solar Energy Society

IGA - International Geothermal Agency

NHA - National Hydropower Association

MAd Scientist Network - scientists from around the world answer your questions

The Why Files - the science behind the headlines  Health and Disease  Environmental Health

ttps://  Geology  Climate  Climate

Science Direct - online journal articles

Wiley On Line Library

PMC - National Library of Medicine

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals

 Department of Energy



IPL - Internet Public Library

RefDesk - virtual free reference desk - news, pictures, links - Novel Guide - literary criticisms

Shakespeare Online - Plays, poems weekly quotes

English and American Lit - UConn Website

The Lexile Framework for Reading

Classic Shorts - Classic short stories online

Bibliomania - History of American Literature

Timeline - Timeline of American Literature

Literary Themes - analysis of themes



World Bank - information on global economics

Federal Reserve Bank of NY

History of Economic Thought

Economic History - How much is that worth today?

EPI.ORG - Economic Policy Institute


Criminal Justice - information on corrections - many links - statistics on crime by state

Federal Bureau of Prisons - crime library



Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud

Howard Gardner

Encyclopedia of Psychology

American Psychological Association













































Academic Integrity Resource


Evaluating WebSources

Georgetown Univ 


Social Studies - statistical information

US Gov - information about the government

Repositories of Primary Sources

Library of Congress also an excellent source for primary documents

Global History 1

History Guide - contains on line lectures involving the history of Western Civilization

BBC Ancient History

Univ. of Minn Prehistory Exhibits

Met Museum Byzantine History

Medieval Timeline

The Renaissance 


Fall of France's Monarchy

Victorian Times

Global History 2 and European History

Internet Encyclo of Philosophy

Altapedia - Information on 250 countries

US Department of State background information on other countries

Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Census Bureau

Country Reports - information on world nations

World Bank  - financial information for countries around the world

Latin America

British History


Modern History Sourcebook - Imperialism

WWI - British Site

WWI - Extensive information

Nazi Propaganda Guide


WWII Euro Timeline

Holocaust Survivors 

Holocaust Memorial Center

Simon Wiesenthal Center


Oscar Schindler - Virtual Tour of Auschwitz

The American Experience - D Day

US History and IB Americas

History Central - American history - primary documents

National Archives

US History

Avalon Project - documents in law and history - from Yale Law School

Internet Public Library - presidents of the US

History Out Loud - historic speeches

Voices of Slavery

Journey Through Slavery

P Underground Railroad - Underground Railroad

Duke Univ - African American Women

Civil War - archives

Civil War

American Sweatshops

Ellis Island

Cornell - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Women's Suffrage - Rochester Univ

Industrial Revolution - provides many links for information including major inventions

Stock Market Crash 1929

The Great Depression

The Dust Bowl

FDR and the New Deal


Pearl Harbor

Japanese Internment Camps

US Holocaust - American soldiers/liberators

The Manhattan Project - history of the atomic bomb and its use in WWII

The Nuremberg Trials

The Cold War

The Korean War

JFK Library

Cuban Missile Crisis

JFK - Assassination

Civil Rights Movement - Timeline

Warren Commission

Martin Luther King Jr

Robert F Kennedy

Vietnam War

Vietnam War

War Protests

Kent State Shooting


Iran Hostage Crisis

Desert Storm

Oklahoma City - Bombing of federal building

WTC Bombing - 1993

American Rhetoric - Famous Political Speeches

Commission on Presidential Debates

911 Digital Archive

 2000 Presidential Election

Hurricane Katrina